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Eine auf Glauben basierende Vision für die Vereinten Nationen ab 75 Jahren

On the occasion of the seventy-five years of the founding of the United Nations (UN) and the signing of the UN Charter, faith-based organisations (FBOs) submitted a statement to UN Secretariat offices, agencies, and Member States calling for the reform of the UN. It was drafted by the representatives of Catholic Religious NGOs to the UN and endorsed by over 100 FBOs.

Applauding the very many achievements of the UN System, FBOs reflected on the experience of seventy-five years, recognizing that the UN has done much of its best and most important work on the ground when in dialogue and intentional collaboration with FBOs and members of our vast civil society networks.

Read the FBOs’ Statement on the 75th anniversary of the United Nations in Englisch, Spanisch und Französisch.