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Umgang mit Gewalt und Belästigung am Arbeitsplatz

Numerous studies have found that violence and harassment in the workplace negatively impact the physical, mental, emotional, social and economic well-being of those affected. The International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention 190, and its accompanying Recommendation 206 provides the legislative and policy framework for addressing violence and harassment in the world of work, including gender-based violence.

The COVID-19 crisis highlighted the fluidity of the workplace and exacerbated the pressures on the most vulnerable, especially, women, youth, children, migrants, refugees and those with disabilities. The risks faced by workers, including domestic violence and cyberbullying, need to be addressed. 

With a number of Member States failing to ratify and implement ILO C190, a call must be made to remind them of its importance. We need to call on our national governments to ratify this important convention. Find the NGO Coalition’s call for ratification of the ILO Convention 190 Hier