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IBVM/CJ UN-NGO-Praktikum wird virtuell

The pandemic and the lockdown resulted in most of the work and events at the United Nations happening online. With all the forums including the Commission for Social Development (CSocD) and Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) going virtual, the IBVM/CJ UN NGO office was able to trial a Virtual Internship. 

Evangeline Polymeneas, Aislinn Healey, Charlotte Jones (Australians) and Eleanor Johnson (British) were the initial four interns to undertake a virtual internship across multiple months in 2020 and 2021. Throughout the internship, they were able to participate in the organisation of events for forums such as the CSocD and the CSW, amongst others. As well as taking on an advocacy role in spreading knowledge and involvement in the work that the IBVM UN NGO office does as a civil society organisation associated with the UN. Particularly, the work in actioning the Sustainable Development Goals.

Watch the video that Charlotte Jones and Aislinn Healey created about their experience as virtual interns with the IBVM UN NGO. Specifically, they discuss why they became involved in the internship, what work they undertook and how they found the virtual internship.

Watch it Hier.

Feature Image: Australian interns Evangeline Polymeneas, Aislinn Healey & Charlotte Jones