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Vers une citoyenneté mondiale

We are delighted to have this opportunity to help build up the Mary Ward Worldwide Network’ s engagement with the United Nations. The aim of  “Vers une citoyenneté mondiale” is to share knowledge, reflection and initiatives on our efforts to be and to educate global citizens both in formal and non- formal education systems. We have valuable knowledge and experience to share which will be helpful, not only for all educators worldwide, but for our work with the United Nations. So, let’s hope it will be a learning tool for all who wish to avail of it.  The third edition of the publication “Towards Global Citizenship”  brings contributions from Australia, Ghana, India, Mauritius, Peru, South Africa aTowards Globalcitizenshipnd Tanzania. It contains topics such as the personal integration of the concept of Global Citizenship, actions taken as  a result of the conferences, programs and experiences aimed at the empowerment of global citizens, a response to issues we would like to see covered in this publication and resources for education in Global Citizenship.  There are many links and to a video to complete the information.  You can also see the photos sent in for this edition.

Enjoy it and make the most of the possibilities contained.