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Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

We need to remember that men and women have the capacity to improve their lot, to further their moral growth and to develop their spiritual endowments.

Empowering Girls through Leadership

Empowering girls through non-formal education enables social independence and self-confidence. The patriarchal culture of Albania provides a challenging environment for girls, particularly for girls in rural areas. There are fewer opportunities for rural girls and they are more isolated from social activities. This affects their development making them more exposed to the risks of trafficking and exploitation.

Mary Ward Loreto Foundation places special emphasis in their work on young girls from Tropoja and Saranda. The girls are encouraged to participate in human development programs including: guided leadership, self-esteem, public speaking, healthy relationships, effective communication and problem solving. The girls are developing their skills by learning to write CVs, cover letters, official e-mails and completing their personal portfolio. The program offers the girls an opportunity for an “Empowerment through Self-defence” course. Girls learn to love themselves more, to believe in themselves and to have the strength to work on behaviours and end contacts which previously controlled their lives.

The chosen interactive leadership approach gives the girls opportunities to become more active and to play a key role in community and service initiatives. This approach is implemented through volunteering and writing on social issues. By helping the girls to know and understand themselves, they are enabled to identify their personal and social values and how to protect themselves from human trafficking. Mary Ward Loreto believes that girls can change the world!

Author: Lulzime Gyriqi

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