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Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Taking advantage of abundant solar energy will require the establishent of mechanisms and subsidies which will allow developing countries access to technology transfer, technical assistance and financial resources, but in a way which respects their concrete situations, since "the compatibility of infrastructures with the context for which they have been designed is not always adequately assessed".

Solar Enlightenment and Community Empowerment Project 

The project provides solar lanterns for the remote Manmathanagar village in the Sundarban Region in India. It is a rural community without access to electricity, proper roads and sanitation.

The solar lanterns enable children to safely study at home and provide light for their parents to cook meals and weave fishing nets. The project offers income-generating opportunities to the villagers with women sewing mattresses, and men gathering fish in the evenings to trade at the local market. 

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