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Relatório CSW65 do Secretário Geral da ONU

Secretary-General António Guterres briefs reporters on his participation this weekend in the G20 Summit.

Women need to be front and centre of the recovery from the pandemic – not as a matter of charity, not even as a matter of justice and basic human rights – although this is true – but as a matter of economics; of efficiency and effectiveness; of social and community resilience.

The CSW 65 Secretary-General Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current circumstances facing women globally. Although we have made progress, sadly gender equality remains a dream. The report includes recommendations as outlined below.

First, the strengthening of normative, legal and regulatory frameworks with respect to gender equality. The following measures will enable this: comprehensive reform of laws, policies and regulations that discriminate women; gender parity of executive positions in local and national governments; 50% quota targets for parliamentary representations, amongst others.

Secondly, the prevention and elimination of violence against women in public life. Measures suggested are: legal frameworks; law enforcement capacity; standard-setting; and provision of services, amongst others.

Thirdly, strengthening gender responsive institutional reforms. The following measures are suggested: gender parity targets for task forces; standing committees and other decision-making bodies particularly in response to COVID-19; and zero tolerance for violence established in codes of conduct.

Fourthly, increasing the availability of high-quality financing in support of women’s participation in public life. Measures suggested are: public and private support for women candidates; raise percentage of official development assistance funds that go to stand-alone gender equality targets and women’s organizations; and increase quality and quantity of funding to support women in public life.

Finally, strengthening women’s voice and leaving no one behind in public life. Measures suggested are: capacity-building, trainings and awareness-raising to facilitate entry of women into politics; targeted support towards women facing multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination to participate in public life; strengthen an enabling environment for women’s participation in public life; and fund and support positive media portrayal of women in public life.

Read a Summary of the Report by Paula Montano CJ and Mary Elizabeth Kirke IBVM (Spanish).

Read the full report aqui.

Autor: Charlotte Jones

Feature Photo: UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, UN Photo Website