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Lançamento Online de Cidadania Global: Perspectiva do Educador do IBVM  

Global Citizenship:  IBVM Educators’ Perspective is the result of the contribution of IBVM/Loreto schools around the world. As part of an emerging world community, our actions contribute to building this community’s values and practices.  Education for Global Citizenship is a specific target (4.7) of Sustainable Development Goal 4 on access to quality education throughout our whole lifespan. Educators from our international network of schools share their views and ideas on different aspects of global citizenship and education for global citizenship.  The IBVM NGO Office in New York is happy to launch the Report online.  Thanks to all who took part in the project. Global Citizenship: IBVM Educators Perspective is your work; these are your ideas; this is a useful tool, which you helped produce. You are contributing to the development of our students as positive, engaged, global citizens ready to change the world.