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Transição Socialmente Justa: o Papel da Tecnologia Digital

The 59th Commission for Social Development (CSocD59) was held from 8 – 17 February 2021. The priority theme is “Socially just transition towards sustainable development: the role of digital technologies on social development and well-being of all.”

The Secretary General’s report addressed the need for a socially just movement towards an “inclusive, equitable, resilient and sustainable development for everyone” within the context of digital technologies. COVID-19 accelerated the pace of digital transformation which brought a range of socioeconomic benefits. Digital technology has the potential to provide new opportunities for achieving three of the core Social Development Goals: eradicating poverty, promoting full and productive employment and fostering social inclusion.

However, using digital technology to achieve social development presents the issue of the digital divide. Only 53.6 percent of the world uses the Internet, leaving just less than half, without the Internet.

Together with VIVAT International, we submitted a Written Statement to highlight the issues faced by students, workers and small business owners with little to no digital access during the pandemic. Read our Statement aqui.

Collaborating with numerous Religious NGOs, we also submitted a Written Statement calling on governments to invest in digital infrastructure, improve access and literacy. Read our Statement aqui