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Webinar for World Environment Day 2018

On 5 June we will celebrate World Environment Day 2018. Recently representatives of five religious congregations, concerned about the devastation taking place, joined in a webinar with the title: Is it still possible to save the future?  You can watch it on our YouTube channel aqui where you will find lots of information and encouragement to join in the global effort to create a healthy planet for all its inhabitants.

We represent our congregations at the United Nations where we work as part of civil society. An important aspect of our work here is to make the voice and concerns of vulnerable people  around the world  and our mistreatment of the  planet  we inhabit present in the discussions and the policy making for the global community, which is what happens at the United Nations.  We know that among the many huge global concerns, we have climate change and the devastation of our ecosystems and in this respect World Environment Day offers us a good opportunity to take stock of where we are and where we need to go.