NGO Associated With ECOSOC At The United Nations
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The IBVM/CJ NGO has a great history of offering interning opportunities to those who are interested in working in the civil society sphere.

What is it like interning at the United Nations?

Watch here for an insight into the interning experience. Aggy is a previous intern at the IBVM/CJ NGO at the United Nations (UN). In this video, she answers questions on her experience attending the Summer Youth Assembly at the UN in New York.

The pandemic lockdown resulted in most of the work and events at the UN happening online. This enabled our NGO office to trial Virtual Internship. Charlotte Jones and Aislinn Healey share their experience as two of the first four IBVM/CJ NGO virtual interns. Specifically, they discuss why they became involved in the internship, what work they undertook and how they found the virtual internship. Watch them here.

We encourage Mary Ward students, past or present, to consider how they would like to contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. If you are interested in an internship at the IBVM/CJ NGO at the UN, feel free to send an email expressing your interest to

Feature Image: Isobel Cunningham (former IBVM/CJ NGO Intern) with six students from Loreto College Toorak Australia who visited the office in 2019.