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The Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM) and the Congregation of Jesus (CJ) are present at the United Nations (UN) to promote a more humane, just and sustainable world.

Our Purpose

We are a faith-based organization working in collaboration with other civil society organizations (CSOs/NGOs), UN agencies and member states to challenge injustices and unjust structures by bringing the insights of the people with whom we work and live, especially the most marginalized, at the UN. Our focus is mainly on Women and Girls within the context of Social Development, Sustainable Development and Human Rights.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a cohesive framework for our ministry and we focus our energies on education, awareness raising and advocacy. Specific areas of involvement are:

  • Gender equity
  • Elimination of gender violence
  • Eradication of poverty
  • Access to quality education and health
  • Elimination of trafficking of human persons
  • Care for the environment
  • Financing for development

Transformed by the Gospel and guided by the vision of our foundress Mary Ward, the Catholic Social Teachings and our core values of Justice, Verity, Freedom, Sincerity and Felicity underpin all our work.

Our Goals

Goal 1: To strengthen and enhance the IBVM/CJ advocacy and collaboration at the UN through ECOSOC and DGC status, we will:

1.1. Strengthen our impact as a member of ECOSOC by bringing the concerns and voices of the people with whom we work and live, especially the most marginalized.

1.2. Highlight on-ground experience and expertise in our priority issues.

1.3. Create possibilities for inviting and bringing people, especially women and girls, who are directly affected, to speak at UN events.

1.4. Hold membership in relevant NGO major groups, committees and coalitions and collaborate with other CSOs/NGOs to advocate/lobby on shared concerns and issues.

Goal 2: To strengthen and enhance IBVM/CJ network’s advocacy and engagement with UN processes, we will:

2.1 Collaborate with Province UN Representatives and other networks to engage members to participate in UN processes, Conferences, Commissions and related activities.

2.2 Invite network members to provide expertise, feedback and on the ground experience of issues of global significance and national implementation of UN treaties, protocols and agreements.

2.3 Invite and encourage immersion experiences for IBVM/CJ members and colleagues.

2.4 Engage Province Leadership to strengthen and enhance support structures at Province/Region level.

2.5 Encourage and offer opportunities for youth network to engage with UN processes and events.

Goal 3: To animate the IBVM/CJ network to promote and advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Human Rights (HRs), we will:

3.1 Encourage the global IBVM/CJ networks of similar ministries and interests to partner and collaborate.

3.2 Encourage awareness raising activities and advocacy of SDGs and HRs issues by members and collaborators within the network.

3.3 Train, encourage and support the network to advocate locally, nationally and globally.

3.4 Develop connections and partnerships with Mary Ward JPIC and Mary Ward International offices on identified common goals linked to SDGs and HRs.

Goal 4: To communicate with the IBVM/CJ network about IBVM/CJ UN NGO work, we will:

4.1. Create and distribute UN Updates to educate IBVM/CJ communities and the global network about the work of the UN and the network’s contribution.

4.2. Strategically share relevant UN information with the network.

4.3. Enhance a streamlined multi communication system to engage all interest groups within the wider IBVM/CJ network with UN Processes and activities.

4.4. Encourage members and collaborators to use various communication platforms to educate, raise awareness and advocate within countries.

4.5. Organize webinars on global issues and UN processes in collaboration with Province UN Representatives, Mary Ward JPIC and the wider network.