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20th Anniversary of the World Programme of Action for Youth

2015 is not just another year – it is a chance to change the course of history. Ours is the first generation with the potential to end poverty – and the last to act to avoid worst effects of climate change.

The 20th anniversary of The World Programme of Action for Youth, adopted by the General Assembly in 1995, will be celebrated this year. This policy framework and the practical guidelines for national action and international support are focused on improving the situation of young people around the world. Mr. Ban Ki-moon recently addressed a youth gathering reminding them that:

Ban Ki-moon told those gathered that there are three major priorities this year:

  • To complete the Millennium Development Goals;
  • To agree on transformative and universal actions for sustainable development;
  • And to achieve a new, meaningful, universal climate agreement.

“Today I make three calls to action to the world’s youth” he said: “First: Help us drive sustainable development that is people-centred and planet-sensitive. Second: Fight injustice and inequality with solidarity so no one is left behind. Third: Be an active global citizen.”