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CSocD 60: Civil Society Declaration

COVID-19 has shed new light to the extent to which we are bound to one another by our common vulnerability and our shared humanity. Now more than ever, solidarity has become a defining feature of how we must act; listening to and learning from unheard voices to ensure a just recovery from COVID-19.

Together with over 800 non-government organisations and individuals, the NGO office signed the Civil Society Declaration that was shared with the United Nations and member states at the opening of the 60th Session of the Commission on Social Development (CSocD60) on February 7, 2022.

Even before the pandemic, the United Nations reported that over 680 million people live in extreme poverty and over a billion people were unable to afford nutritious food for a healthy living. The COVID19 pandemic did not only demonstrate to us the extent of inequalities in our communities, but it also pushed more people into poverty and hunger due to lost livelihood and employment as a result of lockdowns and other health measures.

The priority theme for the CSocD60 – “Inclusive and resilient recovery from COVID-19 for sustainable livelihood, well-being, and dignity for all: eradicating poverty and hunger in all its forms and dimensions to achieve the 2030 Agenda,” and Civil Society reminded our leaders of “the importance of transitioning into a society in which fundamental human rights are protected, structural inequalities are addressed, and discrimination and poverty are prevented.”

We called on world leaders to implement a New Social Contract that values inclusive cooperation and facilitates respect and dignity for the most vulnerable people. We ask them to commit to prioritize the following actions:

  1. Build Forward Better by ending discrimination and investing in human dignity and well being.
  2. End Hunger: Building resilience for food security everywhere
  3. Build towards a green recovery: decent jobs, green transition
  4. Bridge the digital divide to access fundamental rights

Read the full Civil Society Declaration here