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CSocD61 Civil Society Declaration: Towards a Renewed Social Contract

In 1995, world leaders committed their countries to the construction of a world in which all men and women could “exercise the rights, utilize the resources and share the responsibilities that enable them to lead satisfying lives and to contribute to the well-being of their families, their communities and humankind.”

The NGO Committee on Social Development (NGO CSocD) Civil Society Declaration highlighted the need for a “Renewed Social Contract.” Decent work and livelihood is a key part of this social contract and in the eradication of poverty. Society is better when more people are productive and contributing to the its growth. 

It mentions the need for cross cutting strategies including: Formalization of employment; Social protection systems (social security); Access to quality education; and Digital education and skills training programs. Governments were reminded of the commitment they made at the 1995 World Summit for Social Development. Civil Society’s call to action were to:

  • Invest in social protection floors for all members of society, without discrimination on any basis, and regardless of nationality or employment status. 
  • Encourage sustained holistic economic progress through sustainable technological innovation that seeks to balance societal harmony and protection of the natural world.
  • Commit to forward looking financing and job creation policies. State institutions should create incentives for the private sector (companies, industry) to commit to an essential duty: invest in fostering and releasing the talents of young people.
  • Ensure young people have a path to employment. Programming around the transition to decent work calls for investment in education and high quality training for all. Access to quality education and training for the most disadvantaged members of a nation’s population should be prioritized. Skills training in both technical and soft skills have to be provided.
  • Build dynamic, sustainable, innovative and people-centered economies, promoting youth and women’s economic empowerment, access to decent work for all and opportunities to increase digital literacy.

Read the full text HERE.