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Sustainable Energy for All

The Working Group for Sustainable Development and the Integrity of Creation within Civil Society at the United Nations is advocating on behalf of access to non-contaminating energy for all as a means of creating a more sustainable environment.

We acknowledge the moral obligation to ensure the fundamental Human Rights for all people. Because human life depends on adequate sources of energy to provide water, food, education, health care, communication, and appropriate employment, providing all people with adequate energy is therefore a moral and ethical obligation for all.

We are aware that it is urgent to provide access to alternate energy including electricity and cooking fuels to rural and urban people living in poverty. It would bring major benefits for all, especially women and children. Just think of the improved health through reduced indoor air pollution, the increased productivity, access to modern ICT and the ability to read and work after dark if all had access to energy.

Energy is essential for transport and industry and therefore for decent employment. Therefore the necessary increase needs to lead to the expansion of alternative energy resources and the efficient use of the resources we have so that the human family can live without the boundaries of the limits of Earth´s resources. For more information click here.