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Development Cooperation Forum: NGO Financing for Development Intervention


The Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) 2023 was held at the United Nations (UN) ECOSOC Chamber on March 14-15, 2023. DCF plays a critical role in adapting international development cooperation to the new and changing global environment and evolving country needs and priorities. It serves as the space within the UN to discuss trends and progress in international development cooperation and develop forward looking policy recommendations and normative guidance on development cooperation toward achieving the SDGs.

As members of civil society and of the NGO on Financing for Development (FfD), we were invited to deliver an intervention on the second day on addressing the digital divide. We shared our network’s experience and the untold personal and financial difficulties faced, especially by the people in the service and informal sectors who could not work from home. We reiterated that digital access is a human right and asked Member States to take measures to increase digital and financial literacy, including safety and numeracy among marginalized groups. We called for an all-of-society approach where the millions of people currently left behind in the development agenda are able to participate in designing, developing, and bringing knowledge to equitable, affordable, and sustainable solutions to global need for digital technology.

You can watch the video HERE.
You can read our Oral Statement HERE.