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Highlights of 2018

We are happy to recall the contribution of our section of the Mary Ward Family to justice and peace in a more humane and sustainable world. Watch the Highlights of 2018 from the perspective of the NGO Office at the United Nations. The members of our present team – Cynthia CJ, Genevieve from Canada, Greta from Australia and Cecilia IBVM – have worked diligently  in collaboration with other civil society organizations to bring to the United Nations our values and principles. 

We appreciate the support of Member States and the staff of UN Departments and their efforts to create humane global policies for the benefit of the most vulnerable members of society and of our planet. The aim of these highlights is to offer you examples of the way your NGO functions. We contribute to Commissions such as the Commission on Social Development (CSoCD) and the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), the Regional and Global Review of the Sustainable Development Goals (HLPF). We were also involved in the elaboration of the first ever Global agreement on Migration.  Our Youth Representative at the 2018 ECOSOC Youth Forum and our present Youth Representatives who are working together on a process to bring the voices of youth and former students from our High Schools and Colleges and Centres, including IBVM and CJ Sisters in the 2019 Forum. Some of you came and were part of Events or to learn about the United Nations and our work as NGO.