NGO Associated With ECOSOC At The United Nations
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Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

For example, a path of productive development, which is more creative and better directed, could correct the present disparity between excessive technological investment in consumption and insufficient investment in resolving urgent problems facing the human family. ... Productive diversification offers the fullest possibilities to human ingenuity to create and innovate, while at the same time protecting the environment and creating more sources of employment.

Go Green, Go Zero Waste

Loreto College Curepipe (LCC) Grade 9 students created bags from old clothes as part of LCC Go Green’s Trash hack campaign. They drew inspiration from SDG12 to upcycle and work towards zero-waste. 

The members of the Eco-school and YRE climbed the “Le chat et La souris” mountain located in the southeast of Mauritius and learned about the “Leave no trace behind” which is the rule required to fully respect nature.

Learn more here.

Feature Image: Warmi Wasi Community Organic Garden, Peru