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Loretto Abbey’s Model United Nations Success!

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Loretto Abbey, located in Toronto, recently participated in the University of Toronto’s Model United Nations (UTMUN) conference, with six girls representing the school. Simone Beshtoev and Nicole Naeini, who have been running the Loreto Abbey Model UN club (LATMUN) since last year, were proud of the hard work and dedication their team showed during the conference.

Simone and Nicole participated in the World Health Organization committee and discoursed topics such as providing medical aid in conflict zones. Sofia Torchia represented Germany in discussions on environmental degradation, while Simone Kang debated women’s rights in the Commission on the Status of Women. Kennice Wong and Milena Renna participated in a committee focusing on the French Revolution.

Their dedication and knowledge paid off as Simone was recognized for her exceptional performance in the conference with the Outstanding Delegate award. LATMUN’s participation in the UTMUN conference is a testament to the school’s commitment to excellence and producing leaders and change-makers. The school’s administration is proud of the students’ achievements and is excited to see them continue to participate in the Model UN conference in the future. Likewise, the students are extremely grateful for such a supportive environment from staff and admin at school.

Simone and Nicole’s dedication to the club does not stop there, as they are eager to continue expanding, hoping to reach even more students. Skills such as research, public speaking, and teamwork are just a few of the many benefits of participating in extracurricular activities such as Model UN. These skills are not only beneficial for the students’ academic pursuits, but they are also crucial in their future careers and personal development.

Overall, Loretto Abbey’s experience at the UTMUN conference has demonstrated the value of empowering students to participate in extracurricular activities and providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Learning about social justice both in the classroom and out, sets up students to make a difference in the real world.

Congratulations to Simone and the entire Loretto Abbey Model UN club on a job well done!

Photo: The Loretto Abbey Model UN Club students who participated at the University of Toronto Model UN.  Photo credit: Loretto Abbey