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The Lunch Break Experiment: A tool for Teaching the SDGs

The lunch break experiment is an initiative developed by the IBVM to encourage a consciousness of the SDGs in our day to day lives. We ask anyone and everyone who is willing to take part to snap a few photos of their city or town whilst on a walk or on their lunch break. These photos should exhibit the Sustainable Development Goals either in action, or in contradiction.  This exercise will help strengthen your ability to see just how much your city is already doing to improve the state of the planet, as well as bring into your awareness the areas in need of improvement. 


“As soon as you walk out the front door of the office here in New York, you stumble upon great examples of how the city is working in favour of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. A minute into taking my lunch break, I found a fruit cart filled with abundant and affordable fruit and vegetables. This is an example of SDG 2, 3 and 10 in action. Just a few steps further and I find a whole block’s worth of rental bikes, open to the public. This is clearly SDG 3 and 9 at play. We want to see how your city or town is implementing the SDGs. Join us and snap photos of your #TheLunchBreakExperiment .” 

Post your photos onto Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the Hashtag #TheLunchBreakExperiment, or you can email us at with your photo submission.