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UN Update – March 2018

Welcome to another edition of UN Update March 2018. This time it is No 31 and has a lot of information on the ways that we, at the office and you around the world, have been engaging with United Nations processes recently. You can follow our Youth Representative, our efforts to eliminate poverty through Universal Social Protection and our contribution to the 2018 Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62). You may want to return to the video created give an overview of the ways in which IBVM/CJ do and can engage with the United Nations bringing our  General Congregation commitments and shared heritage to the task. Note some of the ways our network contributes. We engage with governments in Australia, Canada, Peru and Spain, to ensure the implementation of the 203 Sustainable Development AgendUN Updatea (SDGs). There are many efforts to support women and girls and ensure they are not left behind, this time from Romania, Australia, Ireland.  It includes protest and a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations from South Africa. We have examples of awareness raising and action to celebrate United Nations Days from Nepal and Patna.