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Webinar for IBVM/CJ Worldwide Network

On Saturday 17 February 2018 we will hold a webinar on the United Nations and our involvement as members of civil society. We welcome the collaboration of Institute of the  Blessed Virgin Mary and Congregation of Jesus.  Cecilia O’Dwyer ibvm and Cynthia Mathew CJ at the IBVM NGO Office, webinar 1New York will host a webinar to include all Asia and Australia and a second webinar for North and South America, Africa, Europe and Middle-East. 

What is it all about?  First of all we invite you to familiarize yourself with three basic documents: Know Your UN – Sustainable Development Goals – Our NGO at the United Nations.  Then think about the questions you would like to ask for clarification or for further information.  Send them to Cynthia CJ at Could you send your questions before Friday 9 February 2018.

Time of Webinar:

Group A.  8.00 am Mauritius – 9.30 am. India/Nepal – 11.00 am. Vietnam – 12.00 Midday, Mongolia/Philippines – 1.00 pm. Korea / Timor Leste – Sydney, Australia

Group B. 10.00 am. Chicago – 11.00 am. New York/Toronto/ Peru/Cuba – 1.00 pm. Argentina/Chile – 4.00 pm. UK / Ireland /Morocco/Ghana – 5.00 pm. Continental Europe  – 6.00 pm. Romania/South Africa/ Zambia/Zimbabwe – 7.00 pm. Kenya/ Tanzania – 8.00 pm Mauritius.

Duration of the Webinar: 1 hour.

Some countries have more than one time zone and are not mentioned here.

Do Join us!