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Custodians of our Common Home: The Voices of Women Countering Climate Disaster

In collaboration with VIVAT International, Tarumitra and Global NGO Executive Committee (GNEC), we hosted a parallel event at the 66th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW66). We heard and learned from women and girls who are leaders in their communities, institutions, and local NGOs.

Women and girls are often the first victims when climate change-related disasters occur. They are burdened with most of the recovery work along with extreme loads of household work imposed by society. It is critical that women and girls, who comprise nearly half of the world’s population, are included in the global economy and decision-making processes. They are the custodians of our Common Home and their work needs to be acknowledged.

Devopriya Dutta, Youth Coordinator and Praneta Rani youth member from Tarumitra spoke about their experience, work and passion to care for the environment. Student members of Tarumitra learn about the ecological issues and work to protect the environment.

Mrs. Kana Mondal shared her and the Sundarban community’s experience in the aftermath of cyclones Amphan and Yaas. She spoke of learning to sew and starting her own business. She taught other women in the community so they can also earn an income. After the disasters, she encouraged the women to start again despite the destruction of their homes and livelihood.

Sr. Anns James introduced us to Zambia’s Moringa plant, also known as the “Miracle Tree.” The Comboni Sisters’ Mother Earth project trained the women farmers in  sustainable organic agriculture (SOA). Through the cultivation of moringa in sustainable and organic ways, they are preserving a way of life and the sustainability of their farmlands and of their livelihoods. These women farmers are ‘climate champions’ in their own right.

We were also joined by Dr. Farrah Moazeni, an Assistant Professor in environmental engineering and Dr. Hilda Koster, an ecological feminist theologian. We learned about their journey in their field and their work in protecting the environment.

Watch our amazing speakers HERE.