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A Great Learning Experience

Mansi Kala and Ritika Chakraborty, students of St. Joseph’s Convent Patna, participated as our girl delegates in various events at the CSW66.

They said that it was a great learning experience. It gave them the opportunity to learn about the UN process, understand the different issues and topics within the feminist and women’s movement, and meet and exchange ideas with others from around the world. 

Mansi shares her experience of attending various webinars and the Girls Statement Writing Workshop:

“It was a really insightful and engaging event in which I experienced the sisterhood beyond border. It taught me about the importance of a just society and the need to act immediately for a sustainable future. They taught me how the society still does not accept queer people. I am really glad that I could be a part of the negotiations and do something for a better world. I am grateful to my teachers and IBVM NGO for giving me this wonderful opportunity. It was a great learning experience to meet such knowledgeable people. I was overwhelmed when I got the opportunity to be a part of the (Girls) CSW66 Statement video recording and look forward to being a part of a lot more experiences like this one.”

Ritika reflects on her experience:

“These conferences were inspiring as we crossed language and cultural barriers, and united to work towards women’s emancipation and upliftment. My experience here was insightful and enriching as I learned the problems and solutions from the grass root level. The best part was witnessing and hearing from persons who have evolved to raise their voices, who were ones oppressed and exploited, are now activists supporting millions of others. It was a safe space where people were respectful and dignified in their conversations. I wish I’m able to make a change, empower and educate more.”

Read Mansi and Ritika’s reports on some of the webinars that they attended.